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Application for collection management

Do you have customers who are in delay with their obligations? Are you checking the status of your receivables? Do you communicate regularly with debtors? Is the recovery effective? Can you change the method of recovery according to circumstances?

Communication channels
Configurable tasks

What is Debtriever?

Debtriever collects debts from debtors entirely independently or together with its users. It supports co-operation with external partners throughout the life cycle of receivables. It manages receivables recovery based on predefined criteria that are fully configurable by users.

Debtriever alerts debtors via electronic channels about the current state of their liabilities. It keeps track of the outstanding amount and records the complete history of the debtor’s behavior. Provides overview of the complete state of the receivables portfolio and state of recovery.


How does Debtriever work?

  • Identifies debtors based on information from accounting system
  • Manages debt recovery based on user configuration
  • Supports configuration of multiple recovery phases
  • Evaluates the risk of future recovery
  • Applies the recovery strategy defined for the group, product and risk of the debt
  • Prioritises the recovery of multiple debtors' claims based on the configuration
  • Allows users to create and schedule manual tasks
  • Generates management reports sent by recipients automatically on a daily basis
  • Provides statistical reports online
  • Allows to contact the debtor via phone directly from the application
  • Identifies the debtor before receiving a phone call and instantly displays information about the debtor
  • Records all events during the application use and communication with the debtor
  • Supports the definition of collection strategies that include reminders and manual tasks
  • Allows to test pilot strategies on any sample of debtors
  • Performs the individual steps of the recovery strategy based on the time course of the debt and the installment agreement
  • Sends reminders via electronic channels - viber, sms, email, voicemail, letter and registered letter
  • Generates manual tasks for application users based on the strategy
aplikacia na efektivne vymahanie pohladavok

What are the benefits of using Debtriever?

  • Increased effectiveness of debt collection realised by early identification of debtors
  • Improved payment discipline of debtors
  • Reduced personnel costs done by lowering the number of workers
  • Improved company's cash-flow
  • Detailed report of receivables state
  • Increased income resulting from the application of contractual penalties
  • Simplified collaboration with external partners who are implementing later recovery phases
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