Remind debtors of their obligations,
they will pay you in time

Take care of your receivables regularly before they become debts.
Send invoices, check payments, communicate with debtors.
Automatically, time and financially effective.

Use Debtriever application

Checks payments

Keeps track of the payment status of receivables such as sent invoices or payment schedules.

Works independently

Resolves overdue debts autonomously, reliably and efficiently.

Saves money

Reduces the cost of human resources and the time required for debt collection.

Manages receivables

before due date

Processes information from accounting system and bank

It is not necessary to enter information on receivables and payments manually. The application retrieves accounting receivables and bank account turnovers. If necessary, it also supports the manual import of information from files. The obtained data are processed and automatically performed all necessary steps for timely payment of the receivables.

Delivers the invoices, payment schedules and contract documents to the customer

The application delivers the tax document to the customer in a prefered way electronically or by post. It uses the information on receipt of the document in monitoring the date of payment of the receivable.

Tracks payments received in bank accounts

The payment of the receivable is identified immediately after the payment is credited to the bank account. The application accesses bank account directly or retrieves account turnovers from email.

Reminds the debtor the due date and thanks for payment

The Debtor is notified in advance of the approaching due date, together with information on the contractual terms and conditions. He is informed electronically about the receipt of the payment.

Recovers debts

after due date

Identifies overdue receivables

Overdue receivables are automatically identified and is assigned the most effective recovery process based on the application settings and the debtor's history.

Notifies the debtor of its outstanding obligations

The debtor is notified of its obligations in a manner corresponding with the nature of the claim on the basis of the amount, the length of the delay and the subject of the claim. When communicating with the debtor, the application uses electronic communication, letters and phone calls. Message content is generated based on configurable templates.

Evaluates the behavior of debtors

Communication with the debtor varies depending on the nature of the receivable and the debtor's behavior. Where appropriate, the legal procedure applies. The application uses optional external registers of economic information to verify the debtor's financial situation.

Communicates autonomously with the debtor

The debtor can communicate with the application via the chatbot located on the Facebook and website of the application. Part of the application is an external call center service that calls the borrower based on automatically created tasks. The application supports an agreement about installment schedule that is taken into account for further debt recovery.

Complies with the legal enforcement legislation

The legal procedure for the recovery of a receivable is possible after the fulfillment of compulsory legislative steps corresponding to the field of business. Their execution is governed by the recovery procedure, which includes the service of automatic sending of reminders in the form of registered and recorded letters.

Promotes cooperation with external partners

External partners can access long-term debts directly in the application or report status changes by updating the exported receivables list.

Makes work easier for users

works autonomously

Allows full configuration

The application is fully adaptable to the requirements for all activities performed by the application, including the recovery process, communication content and access rights for employees and external partners.

Contains an overview of the application's activity

An overview of processing, receivables, debtors' behavior is available at any time in the form of detailed reports with the possibility of further expansion.

Provides full control

Performs the planned activities at the specified time or after the user's approval. The user has full control over the information sent to the debtor through the communication channels.

Protects information

Access permissions to the application and data access are easily configurable at the all levels. Everything in accordance to GDPR.

Uses the ecosystem of partner services

for reliable communication and decision making

Aplication screens

Take a look at our amazing world

Start recovering your receivables automatically.

Don't waste your time and get your money back quickly without unnecessary costs.

Uses smart extensions

optional in large scale

Supported communication channels

> Email > Call > SMS
> RCS > Automated voice message
> Viber > Whatsapp > Letter
> Letter common > Letter registered
> Letter recorded > Facebook chatbot

Debt processing parameters

> Debt category > Debt priority
> Debt amount > Overdue days
> Debtor history > Debtor rating

Call center support

> Optional external service
> Built-in PBX > Task management
> Direct calls > Batch calls
> Caller identification

Communicates in several languages

supports international languages


Flexible for any company

according to the number of registered receivables


small companies and tradesmen

  • 50 active registered receivables
  • manual import of invoices and account turnovers
  • external services for communication with debtors
  • cloud operation
  • 2 users
  • e-mail service support
  • flexible monthly fee


medium-sized companies and enterprises

  • 500 active registered receivables
  • automatic import of economic information
  • support for manual activities for communication with debtors
  • external call center for communication with debtors
  • cloud operation
  • 10 users
  • email and phone service support
  • flexible monthly fee


large companies and enterprises

  • unlimited number of registered receivables
  • integration with the economic system
  • integration with own communication channels
  • on-premise deployment
  • unlimited number of users
  • guaranteed service support
  • fixed annual subscription fee

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